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We officially start Tuesday 14th September.

The Self-Discovered Brand

Life is beautiful, yet unpredictable.

Build a strong and dependable business to lean on in times of beauty, and times of change. Your brand is what makes that happen, are you ready to learn how to do it?

Build a business that supports your life through the power of branding in 6 months.

Through this 6 month mastermind we’ll look at all areas of your brand so you can confidently stand up as the strong, independent, authentic you. In just 6 months you’ll have: 

  • A clear, strong message
  • An understanding of your niche and ideal client 
  • How to position yourself in the crowded market 
  • A strong vision for the future and a plan to get there
  • A brand that feels, looks and sounds like the real you

In short, this is everything you need to rise above the noise and grow a business you love by reaching the clients you deserve and supports you in your life, way beyond business. 




When it comes to how your business is going, do you ever get the feeling you can’t do right for doing, well, everything?

Every day is a task-list battle, and you spend so much time doing it all that you have no time, energy or creativity left to do the bits of your business that make your heart sing.

It’s so frustrating to be full of ideas, plans and goals and have no time to put them into action.

You know your business has real gold in it.

So why doesn’t everybody else see that?

Somehow your business keeps circling around and around.

You’re not growing your audience, there aren’t enough leads coming in and it’s not bringing in an income you truly desire.

As a soulful entrepreneur, it’s agony that you’re not making the impact you truly want to make. 

The right people, the gorgeous ones you’d love to work with, who genuinely need what you have to offer just aren’t finding you.  

Despite your best efforts, you feel stuck, and if there’s one thing that’s true here, you’re putting in SO much effort. 

You’ve been told that creating a strong brand is the answer to all your troubles. 

Once you googled what it meant, you went to town, DIYing the heck out of this new ‘branding’ idea. You’ve read the books, followed the branding accounts on Instagram and scoured colour palettes and DIY guides on Pinterest. 

Here’s the branding reality: a template logo and a few nice colours do nothing for your business.

You’ve chosen the hard way (again).

The well-trodden path of the ‘hard way’. It’s frustrating to find yourself there again. You know that discovering the power of your brand could elevate your business. Still, without the support and know-how to do it right, it’s making everything harder.

And even more tragic – all this new information is doing is giving you more tasks to add to the ‘should be doing’ list.

Now you know that crafting, developing and building a brand is overwhelming, exhausting and lonely.

DIYing it is getting you nowhere.

But what if there was an easier way?


How about, instead of travelling down the hard and bumpy road (again), you went on a beautiful, nurturing and soulful journey to reveal the true power in your brand?

Build a Brand Package

How great would it be if you no longer: 

  • Clutched at straws, grabbing onto every DIY solution.
    • You are confident with your brand development, and it enriches your business and your life. No more confusion, just clear direction.
  • Hid your authentic self.
    • You trust your instinct and know your goals, desires and values inside out, sculpting a brand that stands for what makes you proud. No more hiding in the shadows, just positive energy and self-belief.
  • Worried about promoting and selling your services. 
    • You are so in tune with your audience and your core messaging, you get excited about sales and enjoy selling. No more struggling to communicate your value, just clear marketing messages that connect to customers every time.
  • Stretched yourself beyond capacity.
    • You no longer waste time and energy on tasks and clients you don’t enjoy—no more work in areas that don’t fulfil you, just zone of genius goodness.
  • Felt your plans fall apart when life gets in the way.
    • Your business and brand are in alignment with your life, and plans flowed effortlessly and with grace. No more struggling to hold everything together, just balance and harmony between business and life.

This way is possible, just let me show you how.

I bet you’re thinking, ‘this all sounds a bit too good to be true!’

And it’s understandable. We’ve all been bitten – so many times – by promises that don’t deliver. 

• Coaches who don’t give you the results you crave; 

• Programmes that help you learn but provide no practical tools 

• Investments you couldn’t afford, resulting in disappointment and upset

But here’s something beautiful to think about…

All of the things you’ve tried before keep failing because you keep looking outside of yourself for the answers. 

Think about that for a peaceful minute!

Honestly, you have everything you need right now to craft the exact brand you need for the life you want.


Hi, I’m Hollie, and I know what I’m talking about when it comes to branding. 

I’ve lived and breathed branding since I was kid (okay, I didn’t understand what it was back then, but I was setting the wheels in motion).

When I started my business, I got so frustrated with the number of incredible women I met who couldn’t make headway with their business. They were wonderful humans with great ideas and so much energy to work so hard to share their gifts with the world.

They thought that clients would come because their logo looked professional. That beautifully designed banners for their websites and carefully curated social media graphics to market their business.

But that isn’t the answer. 

The answer is inside every single entrepreneur – it’s your purpose, values, and what you stand for. 

It’s in discovering who you serve, what gifts you want to share and how you want to do it. 

Hollie Ellis Design About Me

And all of that is so much more than a logo. 

It’s your personal branding. 

How you want to be seen in the world. 

What impact you want to make and who you choose to bring along for the journey.

That’s the answer. 

But it goes even deeper than that.

Done properly, personal branding is a great vehicle to take you where you want your business to go.  It will support you as you reach new audiences, create new products and services and take you to the next level of success.

Even so, your branding can only take you so far.

So many business owners forget a major factor when building a solid brand and a successful business.

Our work needs to support our life, and not the other way round.

What is the point of having a hard-working, powerful brand that elevates us daily if it’s not aligned with what we really want for ourselves outside of work?

Hollie, George and Lionel

When I say ‘so many business owners’, I mean ‘me’.

I consider myself to be successful. I live a happy life with my two greatest loves – George (the human) and Lionel (the dog).

My client roster regularly books out. Over time, I’ve elevated my brand to working with 6 and 7 figure female entrepreneurs, helping them build brands that make a positive impact on the world. 

But one day, everything crashed around me.

Not my business, no thankfully up till that point, my business – Hollie Elliott – was in complete flow and moving in the right direction every day.

What came crashing down around me was real life.


The stuff you can’t control with strong branding and hard work.

My world imploded when George was diagnosed with a brain tumour late last year. Suddenly, my life was about so much more than work and clients.

Zoom meetings and design sessions were replaced with frenzied hospital appointments, surgeries, care plans and panic – pure, unadulterated panic.

And work ground to a halt… it had to.

Thankfully, in the first week of January this year, George’s surgery went well, and he came home after 5 days. The best New Year’s present I could ever hope for. 

He’s now going through treatment to manage his health, and we stay positive and happy and very much in love.

But it shone a huge light on how messed up my priorities were. It made me wonder.

When the unexpected happens, can our business really support the life we love?

When things settled back into a manageable pace, I realised that I needed so much more than a powerful brand. 

I needed an aligned brand. 

A brand that worked hard not just for my business but to support my life. 


Life is beautiful, life is precious, life is too short to be stuck.

I took myself on a journey of self-discovery after that. I asked myself challenging questions about what I wanted, what I needed and how I could fit it together.

I knew without any doubt that as much as I loved my business, I loved George more. I needed my business to reflect that.

The result of this reflective, poignant and heart-felt journey was to re-evaluate my branding to include my life’s desires and goals.

I’m no longer growing a beautiful business, I’m growing a beautiful life that my business supports.

And I’d love to take you on the same journey to a life of balance. 

Let’s create a brand that’s both beautiful and buoyant enough to bring in all your income goals. A brand that’s strong and sturdy enough to support every aspect of your life and the people you love.

Because a beautiful life and a fantastic business should support each other from the foundations, up.

Hollie and macbook

I invite you to join me on an extraordinary journey


The Self Discovered Brand

An inspiring journey of self and business discovery for soulful entrepreneurs who want to build a strong and powerful brand (but don’t know where to start).

The Self-Discovered Brand is perfect for multi-passionate women who want to make a big impact on the world with their gifts.

On this journey of discovery, you’ll learn how to:

Gain clarity on every area of your brand, so you can stop wasting time winging it and calling in the wrong clients and projects. 

Build a brand with grace, ease and joy so you can grow a powerful business that supports the lifestyle you desire. 

Sell products and services in a way that feels real to you. There is no need for gimmicks, or sales tactics, just strong, focused and engaging messaging that connects to your dream clients.

Boost confidence in your business – Show the world who you are, what you stand for and who you choose to work with. 

Avoid weak, unhelpful and limiting beliefs that hold you back from growing the great business you deserve. 


“It has been a pleasure working with Hollie. She listened attentively and asked piercing questions which led not just to the birth of my brand but also to a new beginning for me.” – Lindsay King

What’s inside The Self-Discovered Brand?

The Self-Discovered Brand
A 6 month mastermind balancing personal learning with group coaching and accountability. Over 6 months you’ll join me live on zoom twice a month where I will ask you a series of thought provoking questions to help you uncover what your brand is all about.

You’ll grow in confidence and get the clarity you need to pull your brand out of the darkness and into the light.

We’ll work on all 12 areas of your brand together so you can mastermind and bounce ideas off one another. 

The two monthly mastermind sessions will cover every aspect of brand development and alignment, from unearthing your purpose and values to crafting a brand strategy and calling in your ideal customers.

Everything is laid out for you to discover. Nothing is left out.

What we’ll work on

+ All 12 areas of your brand (see below for more detail) via twice a month live mastermind sessions on zoom so you can define each area of your brand with confidence and support.

+ Worksheets and workbooks to support you and record the journey as your brand grows

The Self Discovered Brand
Guest experts

Special Bonus: Industry experts & wonderful human experiences

I’ve got special guest experts taking part to elevate your experience. Find out exactly where your Self-Discovered Brand can take you when you tap into the brains of some of my favourite business growth experts.

Get real-life examples of how you can use your brand to grow a successful business using storytelling and powerful copywriting. 

Special Bonus

Group guided meditation with Aimee Watson from The Beloved Company. Within this amazing and power group meditation you will connect to your future selves and request gifts to use in the now as well as activating your strengths. This will be guided by spirit as to where it needs to go in everyone’s highest good.

Aimee is a Soul Strategist who’s mission is to bring you back to your natural balance so you can start to consciously create a life you love.

From this place of alignment and calm, you can accelerate transformation, from the inside out, enabling you to thrive rather than just survive.

Aimee Watson

What will we work on each week?

Week 1 – Non-Negotiables

  • Define your brand values by discovering what is important to you. 
  • Learn how to delve even deeper into them so you can connect with them even more. 
  • Discover how to align with your brand values and implement them in your life and business.

Week 2 – Impact

  • This is where you will form your ‘I help’ statement, which will contribute to your bio’s in the future. 
  • Uncover what your brand’s mission is going forwards – who you are here to help and how. 
  • Learn how to use your brand mission going forwards. 


Week 3 – The Big Picture

  • Discover where you want to be in 3 years time and what actions you need to take now to get there. 
  • Learn how to get creative and create a vision moodboard unique to you. 
  • Find out how you can connect to your vision on a daily basis to help you stay laser focussed. 


Week 4 – Energy Uplevel – Guest Expert Aimee Watson, The Beloved Company.  

A group meditation with Aimee where you will be guided to meet your future self and receive gifts from them that you can use now. This is a very powerful and motivating experience that will unlock the next level for you with confidence. 


Week 5 – Connection

  1. We’ll delve deep into who your dream client is. 
  2. Discover how to connect with them on an even deeper level. 
  3. Learn how to create content that speaks directly to them. 


Week 6 – Take Your Seat

  • Discover where you’re currently positioned within your marketplace. 
  • Learn where you want to be positioned and what you need to do to get there. 
  • Identify any gaps you can potentially fill so you can stand out within a crowded marketplace for all the right reasons. 

Week 7 – Your Signature

  • Discover what makes you different to someone who does exactly the same as you. 
  • Learn how to leverage your signature so you stand out more. 
  • Connect on a deeper level to what you do. 


Week 8 – Your Unique Stamp

  • Discover how others see you and how you can use that to your brands advantage. 
  • Learn the different ways in which you can bring more of YOU and your personality into your brand. 
  • Tap into you and who you are as a person so. you can show up within your marketing with confidence knowing you are 100% you. 


Week 9 – Brand Story – Guest Expert Stacey Macdonald, The Modern Storyteller.

Learn how to tell your story from the amazing Stacey from The Modern Storyteller. Every brand has a story to tell. Learn from Stacey how to tell yours so you can connect with your ideal clients on a much deeper and more emotive level. 


Week 10 – Legacy and Communication

  • Curate a clearly defined message you can share over and over again with confidence. 
  • Learn how to communicate your message in different ways. 
  • Identify your brand voice and how you can use it to future your business.


Week 11  – First Impressions

  • Identify your different brand touchpoints.
  • Realise any improvements that need to be made so you can provide the best possible 5* experience to your customers. 
  • Learn how to incorporate emotional branding at each of your touchpoints. 


Week 12  – The 5* Wow Factor

  • Discover what kind of experience you want to be providing. 
  • Map out your ideal customer journey and learn how to enhance it. 
  • Learn about how providing the best brand experience will benefit you and your business in the long run.
The balanced brand mini course

You’ll also get instant access to The Balanced Brand mini-course

You can have a solid and powerful brand, but if it doesn’t align with how you truly want to live your life, you will never have a brand you love. 

This companion course is a vital – and always overlooked – part of brand development because your business should support a life you love.  

Both aspects should work in harmony, and this mini-course will show you how to do just that.

What we’ll work on

+ A clear vision: create a powerful vision for your life and the tools you need to step into it

+ Time freedom: leverage your time and energy to reach your goals

+ Strategies and income streams: build a steady plan towards financial success with a clear strategy that takes you in the right direction 

+ Wellbeing: building solid foundations to look after yourself by removing mindset blocks, blasting through unhelpful behaviours and weak boundaries that no longer serve. 

+ so much more! 

Facebook group community

Self-Discovered Support & Inspiration

Working on your brand can feel overwhelming and lonely at times (which you know if you’ve been DIYing it for years!)

Here at the Self-Discovered Brand, I’ve set up a pretty special place to call your own. When you enrol, you’ll get access to a pop up private online community where you and your small group can access group support and insight.

How it works

+ Confidential online space to work with your group on tasks; give and receive advice; enjoy companionship with like-minded businesswomen. Inspiring motivation for you as you make your way through the mastermind training and content.

Co working and accountability sessions

Special Bonus: 3 x 3-hour accountability and co-working sessions with Hollie Elliott.

As you work through the mastermind trainings and content, you’ll be so excited to bring your Self-Discovered Brand into your business quickly.

I’ve set up 3 x 3-hour co-working sessions to make it happen. Why work through a task list alone when you can have support and accountability from me and the very people you’re on this journey with?

Your investment includes:

The Self-Discovered Brand – Value £3318*

Mastermind sessions twice a month – Value £1440
The Balanced Brand mini-course – Value £297
Bonus: 2 x guest expert training sessions – Value £997
Bonus: inspiring and intimate private group – Value £997
Bonus: three 3 hour co-working & accountability sessions – Value £480
Bonus: 1 group meditation for enhanced visualisation  with Aimee Watson, The Beloved Company – Value £250
Bonus: interactive journal prompts for reflection & personal growth – Value £197

*Total Value £4658

Actual Price £3000 (or 6 monthly payments of £500).

Want to go VIP? 

If you want extra 121 support, then VIP is the way forward for you.

Get 3 x 60 minute 121 zoom calls with me, mastermind founder Hollie Elliott.  You can ask any questions you like to give you even more support over the next 6 months.

Go VIP for £3500 (or 7 payments of £500).

Working with female entrepreneurs

I know this works

The Self-Discovered Brand 6 month mastermind comes from years of working 1:1 with clients who start with nothing and end up with exciting brands that shape a business they love. 

But you might have been burned before, so you don’t have to throw yourself in blind.

Enrol today, and you can take a whole week to explore the Self-Discovered Brand materials. If you’re not totally happy with it, we’ll give you 100% of your money back.   

Honestly, though. That’s not going to happen – I have THAT much confidence in my mastermind!

I wish I’d just taken the plunge and worked with Hollie sooner!

I was nervous to begin with, as I’d never worked with a brand strategist and designer before but Hollie instantly put my mind at ease. She’s so calming and friendly, she offers advice freely and her whole process makes everything clear. 

Hollie really takes a lot of time to get to know you, your business and your goals.” – Erin Spurling

The time is now!

If this mastermind is calling you, don’t take too long to decide.

The Self-Discovered Brand is an inspiring, rich and deeply satisfying experience because I keep the group numbers to an intimate five. 

We officially start Tuesday 14th September, and with a waiting list already in place, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a spot this time around. 

Stop wasting time mooching around Pinterest and frantically watching business development videos on YouTube. There is only one way to grow a business that aligns with your heart and soul. That’s by embracing the magic of self-discovering your own beautiful, strong and powerful brand.

The time is now

A reminder of what’s included in your investment:

The Self-Discovered Brand
2 mastermind sessions a month
The Balanced Brand mini-course
Bonus: 2 x guest expert training sessions
Bonus: inspiring and intimate private Facebook group
Bonus: three 3 hour co-working & accountability sessions
Bonus: 1 group meditation for enhanced visualisation  with Aimee Watson, The Beloved Company
Bonus: interactive journal prompts for reflection & personal growth


Q: I was told I need a business coach, will this work for me instead?  

A: Getting business development coaching or advice is always worth investing in, but without a strong brand already in place, you’ll only get so far.

With a Self-Discovered Brand, you’ll align your business with your goals and values, call in the right customers and projects and stand out from the crowd. It’s the foundations that everything else is built on. Your brand should always be the first step. 

Q: Will I have a fully designed logo and visual branding after this masterminf?

A: No, developing your brand is only 1% logo and colours. The other 99% is all about what’s important to you and the business you’re building. If you need visual logos and branding after this mastermind, you’ll have all the pillars in place to speak to a designer to get the logo of your dreams.

Pssst. There will be two visual branding packages available after the mastermind where I can redesign your visual brand for you. 

Q: How do I know I’ll get a return on my investment?

A: When you invest in the Self-Discovered Brand, you’re investing time, money and energy into understanding how to align your business with your true value and purpose. The outcome at the end is you’ll have a brand that reflects everything you love, backed up with the confidence and tools to get out there and show the world what you’re all about. If you think about it, you get a return on your investment from the moment you start working on this empowering journey.

Q: Do I have to join the online community?

A: Yes. We curate a powerful, inspiring and motivating space with you in mind. With only five spaces on every cohort, it’s essential the people joining the mastermind commit to being present and giving it their all.

Q: How much time should I commit to this mastermind?

A: 4-6 hours a month. If you want to create a brand that supports your dream lifestyle now, then it’s worth the time investment. There will of course be access to the replays if you can’t make any of the mastermind sessions.

Q: Do you have a payment plan?

A: Yes, I do. Full details of payment options are available below.

Here’s the truth about your branding.

If it doesn’t shape your business in a way that gives you the lifestyle you desire or the freedom you deserve, your branding will not work for you. 

If you’re someone who: 

• Wants to make a positive impact on the world

• Knows there’s a thriving business hiding behind your struggling one

• Is fed up working with clients who don’t light you up or pay the bills 

• Doesn’t know how to show up online to promote the work you do 

• Feels embarrassed about the way you present your business to the world

The Self Discovered Brand is perfect for you. 

Hollie Ellis - The Self Discovered Brand

“Top quality professional service and loyalty to her clients. Support advice with clarity and conviction. Warmth and intellect. Hollie understands where you are… who you are and why you’re in need of her expertise because she continues to be mindful of your journey.” – Susan Smalley

I’m fed up watching incredible women (like you), with powerful skills and insight fail to make an impression on the world.

Bring your business out of the darkness into the light by harnessing the power of The Self Discovered Brand. 

I’ve broken every aspect down for you to build into your own fantastic brand. 

Watch out, world, there’s something big is about to happen! 

The Self-Discovered Brand – Value £4658*

Mastermind sessions twice a month – Value £1440

The Balanced Brand mini-course – Value £297

Bonus: 2 x guest expert training sessions – Value £997

Bonus: inspiring and intimate private Facebook group – Value £997

Bonus: three 3 hour co-working & accountability sessions – Value £480

Bonus: 1 group meditation for enhanced visualisation with Aimee Watson, The Beloved Company – Value £250

Bonus: interactive journal prompts for reflection & personal growth – Value £197

*Total Value £4658

Actual Price £3000 (or 6 monthly payments of £500).