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Is your brand strong enough to support your life?

5 Questions to help shape your brand and business today, so it can look after you, tomorrow.

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Can you see into the future? 

Even us hard working, universe loving, multi-tasking female entrepreneurs can’t know exactly what’s round the corner.

So what do we do instead? 

We work hard, and plan. And use common sense to face our challenges head on. It’s all part of the flow of running a business. 

When I meet them for the first time, I always ask clients why they started in business. The answers usually include: 

  • Time freedom
  • Financial security
  • A need to share a message
  • To make a bigger impact on the world
Hollie Ellis - The Self Discovered Brand

So, what’s missing? 

If these answers resonate with you, I’m in complete alignment. At least, I was until my world imploded in December 2020.

That’s when I discovered, I’d been focussing on all the wrong things. When the unexpected happened, I realised that my brand and business couldn’t help me – only I could help me. 

What followed was three months of difficult and, at times, painful learning. I took myself on a journey to balance my brand and my business so I could live a life I truly wanted.

And now, I have I want to share it with you, so you can avoid the mistakes I made.

Hollie, George and Lionel

When everything changes overnight.

My business was in total alignment with my goals. I was living my dream – working in my zone of genius, supporting wonderful clients on a 1:1 basis and co-creating a wonderful life for myself and my loved ones.

And then, overnight, everything changed.

+ My life partner, George, was diagnosed with a brain tumour and needed surgery

+ My priorities shifted so quickly, I was dizzy

+ I could no longer be there, face-to-face with (and for) my clients

+ I wanted (and needed) to be by George’s side through it all

My business no longer supported my life – what could I do about it?

Thankfully, George’s surgery went smoothly, without any serious complications. The care he needed, and the calm environment that came with it, gave me time to re-evaluate everything to do with my business, my brand and my life.

I went deep into myself, discovering more about my values than ever before. I shifted the foundations of my brand to balance with my new goals and built a strategy so it would happen.

By reflecting and re-evaluating, I learned how to: 

• Shift my brand and business toward my new life vision

• Balance my brand and my beautiful life to support me and my loved ones in the areas that matter

• Make sure my business can support us whenever the unexpected happens

• Focus on essential day-to-day activities to support my goals

• Craft powerful messages to lead my business in the new direction

• Honour what’s important to me, and build a brand that loves me

Your branding can elevate your business to support the life you need, whatever the challenge. 

And I can show you how…

Get started today, for a calmer tomorrow.

The way your potential customers think, feel and interact with your business is all down to your ‘brand’. Your branding is everything. It’s the: 

  • way you speak, 
  • the spaces you show up online, 
  • the messages you share 
  • what you do and how you do it
  • the results you give people 

It’s powerful, and it’s the difference between a business people love and a business people forget. 

Re-evaluating your brand – and your business – doesn’t happen quickly, but you can make huge leaps in the process by focusing on balancing your Brand Foundations. 

Download my free re-evaluate your brand guide today…

What’s inside? 

  • Part 1: Why now? Learn from my mistakes. A raw, personal and honest account of the experiences – and challenges – that brought me to this place of discovery. I share this with you to help you visualise a different future for  yourself (with less trauma, I hope).
  • Part 2: Reflect & refocus: 5 easy-to-action steps to realign your brand, your business and your life goals.
  • Part 3: Branding breakthrough: How you can use your brand to break through to the next level for your business – supporting you in every area of your life that matters to you the most. This is where the gold is. It’s yours for the taking!
  • We will collect, use and protect your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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Hollie Ellis, Founder of Hollie Ellis Design.

I help service-based female entrepreneurs confidently express their heart, soul, and inner strength through brand strategy and design that stands out and stands the test of time.

Are you ready to create and build a brand that supports your ultimate dreams and desires?

“This guide is so good. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes of my business but it’s been clear my priorities aren’t being looked after. Working through Hollie’s guide helped me with the practical points around my brand, but the thoughtful and insightful ‘life’ questions really brought it home for me. I’m now working on what’s important for me, and how to make my brand support that, not the other way round.” – Abi Cornwall